Company: TRN Systems Inc, Mount Laurel, NJ (Mar 2018 - present)

Software Developer
Senior Architect, TIAA-CREF

Company: Macrosoft, Inc, Parsippany, NJ (Apr 2013 - Feb 2018)

Programmer Analyst
Assignment with management consulting company (Dec 2015 – Oct 2017)
  • Part of a Healthcare analytics team responsible for providing analytics as a service for episode based payment system and population health management
  • Developed several reports using Jaspersoft Studio, JasperReports (Java based reporting framework) and jFreechart
  • Refactored the proprietary jasper report engine to improve performance by 75% using java concurrency APIs
  • Migrated reporting framework to use Hive Query Language from SQLServer
  • Maintained and enhanced reporting engine to run reports for multiple providers for multiple payers
  • Wrote several SQL queries, stored procedures and functions to create datasets for reports
  • Worked with GIT and GIT Extensions to maintain the codebase
  • Proof of concept application using Django, python, xlrd, mysql
  • Wrote an application to produce csv, xlsx and flat files with low memory footprint
Assignment with telecommunication company (Oct 2015 – Dec 2015)
  • Part of a team responsible for the development of RESTful web services that are used by various Verizon Mobile Applications
  • Developed RESTful web services using Spring Framework, iBatis, Oracle PL/SQL, Rational Application Developer and Websphere 7.5
  • Developed dashboard with various modules to administer dynamic entities like promotions, deals, search trends in the system
  • Developed dashboard using Spring MVC, Oracle PL/SQL, mustache.js, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, jQuery
  • Worked on maintenance requests
Assignment with telecommunication company (Apr 2013 – Oct 2015)
  • Part of a team responsible for the development of a Java based, state of the art, web platform that provides planners with capabilities to plan the cable fiber network, manage inventory and forecast detailed demand.
  • Developed several modules in fiber planning and analysis platform using AT&T‚s proprietary frameworks Quantum, Fusion, Raptor which is built upon Spring MVC 2.5, Hibernate, Oracle 11g, JSP, JSTL, DWR, EL Expressions and ZK-framework
  • Developed proof of concept software defined networking using opendaylight controller, OSGI, mininet, openflow, python, virtualbox, MYSQL, crontab, shell script and google maps
  • Developed OSGI module for bandwidth calendaring by integrating bandwidth calendaring orders, BGP-LS links and existing tunnels feed and delegating it to bandwidth calendaring algorithm
  • Developed OSGI module that registers servlet as HTTP service and displays location of switches and links between them geographically using google maps and topology information from opendaylight controller
  • Wrote several shell scripts to get network and tunnel information and integrate them to bring up the whole network using mininet and python
  • Developed OSGI module to create tunnels by adding flow, using openflow to route traffic
  • Developed various network visualization modules using D3.js, leaflet.js and OpenStreetMap
  • Developed proof of concept web application for mobile devices like iPad with responsive design using Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 and various jquery plug-in like masonry.js, slider.js, Datatables.net, Google charts and server side technologies like Spring framework, ZK Framework, Hibernate and Oracle 11g
  • Maintained and enhanced web based Optical Capacity Planning Tool using java, Struts 1, Hibernate, Oracle PL/SQL, JSP
  • Developed various features in the application using Google Maps API version 2
  • One of the two members to migrate ATT's proprietary maps API to use Google Maps version 3 from Google Maps version 2
  • Worked on Google charts and g.Raphael.js to create various reports
  • Developed interactive user interface using Raphael.js to work with all the browsers. And developed a feature to download it as PDF using Raphael.export.js and Apache Batik
  • Developed System Alerts features for planners with pie charts and detailed alerts description of various exceptions in fiber planning and analysis platform
  • Responsible for making monthly builds and deployment to DEV, UAT and Production environment
  • Developed weekly excel reports for planners with low memory footprint using Apache POI, Shell Scripts and Unix mail
  • Mentor colleagues to build excel reports with large data using apache poi with low memory foot prints
  • Worked on several Maintenance Request as a part of monthly releases
  • Participate in various aspects of lifecycle of system including analysis, design programming, testing, support and maintenance

Gravy Inc. Secaucus, NJ (Oct 2012 – Apr 2013)

Senior Java Developer
  • Part of a team responsible for the development of a state of the art promotion based payment system.
  • Wrote various topologies, spouts and bolts using Twitter Storm
  • Developed modules using node.js to access data from Redis, an advanced key-value store
  • Developed modules to access data from Apache Kafka a distributed pub sub messaging system
  • Developed JAVA libraries to stored objects on Amazon S3
  • Installed Glassfish on development servers and deployed Jenkins
  • Supported and enhanced application written in JSF 2.0
  • Developed web application using responsive web design, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, backbone.js, node.js, express.js, underscore.js and jade template
  • Worked on Google Maps API
  • Wrote automated build scripts to test Restful APIs using JUnit, TestNG and ReportNG and developed automated build framework using Jenkins to run scheduled builds
  • Proposed various cutting edge technologies and helped to integrate into the system
  • Continuous interaction with architects and shareholders to gather requirements, analyze them, develop flow charts and diagrams to illustrate the implementation flow and finally develop the functionality

Stonewain Systems Inc. Berkeley Heights, NJ (Mar 2010 – Sep 2012)

Programmer Analyst
  • Part of a team responsible for the development of a state of the art Securities Lending Platform, a comprehensive, fully integrated front, middle and back office solutions for securities finance market. The system supports Positions, Accounting, Risk Analysis and Compliance, Reporting and Operations.
  • In depth knowledge of securities lending and Locates
  • Developed several securities lending system modules like account management, user management, recall management, settlement configuration, corporate actions management, issuer management and many more
  • Developed several modules in auto locates engine like supply management, counterparty supply, account management, user management, haircut management, pending locates, locates history, uploading locates feed, uploading supply feeds, easy to borrow list, do not locate list, do not auto locate list and many more
  • Developed modules using YUI 2, JavaScript, JSP and Struts 2
  • Wrote complex queries, stored procedures and functions for reports using Oracle 11g and SQL Developer
  • Developed custom export to excel engine for data table
  • Designed the architecture and developed the custom pluggable authentication module to authenticate application users against active directory or database
  • Implemented JPA 2.0 with EJB3.0 (stateless EJB beans) and on JBOSS and Weblogic application server
  • Designed several reports including pie chart and stacked area reports using iReport
  • Developed monthly client statement reports
  • Deploying the web application to internal QA environment
  • Designed system to parse flat files using Flatpack, strategy pattern and factory pattern
  • Worked on generating flat files using custom application
  • Designed and developed module to load flat files and excel files into the system using Flatpack, poi/JExcel and design patterns
  • Designed and developed an enterprise application integration layer using Apache camel, Spring Framework and Atomikos, BeanIO
  • QA and testing on all browsers and troubleshooting
  • Exposure to WebLogic 11g
  • Installed Jasper Server 3.7 on Jboss 5.1.0
  • Continuous interaction with architects and managers to gather requirements, analyze them, develop flow charts and diagrams to illustrate the implementation flow and develop the functionality
  • Review and alter programs to increase operational efficiency or adapt to new requirements
  • Develop and build wire frames for platform
  • Direct and participate in various aspects of lifecycle of system including analysis, design programming, testing, support and maintenance
  • Developed automated testing scripts using Selenium web driver, Selenium IDE, TestNG and ReportNG

Other Experience

LiveProcess, Verona, NJ (Jan 2009 – Dec 2009)

Intern, Web Application Developer
  • Worked as part of the development team, on all aspects of the platform. LiveProcess system gives hospitals, other healthcare providers and public health agencies the ability to evaluate and manage their own preparedness as well as coordinate response with other entities in times of disaster and large-scale healthcare emergencies. It is the first standardized solution for healthcare disaster and emergency readiness and reaction
  • Developed several production modules
  • Developed web pages using GWT EXT and cascading style sheets (CSS)
  • Developed web pages using PHP and JavaScript
  • Developed several reports using JasperReports
  • Wrote complex SQL queries for modules and reports
  • Tested platform and fixed bugs